How To Retrieve Done For You Campaigns

How To Create A Campaign and Capture Page Using Trafficwave:

First, you will want to go to your Easy Leads site and click on Referral Links from the top menu:




Go halfway down the page until you see Traffic Integration, then click on the link that says Click Here


You will need to use the information found in the steps at that link.  The steps talked about in this post correspond to those steps in Easy Leads.

1. Click on the banner below to get a free trial to TrafficWave unless you are already a member:

Email Marketing

2. Sign in to your Trafficwave account.

3.  Under AutoResponder Links click on Create New Campaign

how to use viral mailers effectively

Follow the Create a Campaign Wizard to create your campaign, using the information found in steps 4 – 8 in your Easy Leads site.


Step 9:  To find out where to retrieve a published campaign:

Step 10:


Step 11:   You can get to  your campaign profile from the members’ area by clicking on Go To Campaign under Autoresponder.

Select which campaign you want to go to and then click on Campaign Profile:

From the menu on the left click on Signature Tokens.  Then click on URL Tokens twice.


Add the links from Step 15 in your Easy Leads Members’ area.


If you have any questions feel free to email me.