About Me

About Judy Meeks


Welcome to MeeksStorm.com. My name is Judy and I created this site to help others become more successful in their lives.


For the past twenty years, I have been in the internet marketing business and have experienced many ways to make money online. Most of my success came from internet marketing but I had to go through a lot of trial and error. I built this website in hopes that showing others what I have found works and what doesn’t will help them from making the mistakes that I have made so they will be more successful faster.


Judy MeeksWhy meeksstorm.com?

You may be wondering why this website is called meeksstorm.com.  When I had my first child her father, whose last name is Storm,  and I, last name being Meeks, wanted both our last names to be in her name.  At first, we were going to hyphen it, Meeks-Storm, but we winded up having Meeks be part of her middle name.



My Story

I first fell in love with computers when I was a young girl. Every year around Christmas time my mom had me and my siblings make a list of what we wanted. The first thing on my list was always a computer. They were expensive back then(over $1000) so I knew my parents couldn’t afford it but I never gave up my dream of owning my own computer.

When I first started college I thought I wanted to be a social worker. I loved the idea of helping people and changing their lives for the better. After my first year, I realized that being a social worker wasn’t for me. I still wanted to help people, but not as a social worker. I wanted to work with computers.

So I switched to computer programming. I love to code. I got an AS degree in Computer Programming and Analysis but by then I had already had 3 kids I had to take care of. So I decided to look towards the internet to see if I could make money online so I could stay home and take care of my kids.

I tried many ways to make money online, had trouble sticking with just one. It seemed I was out to sabotage myself. Whenever I started to make any kind of money I would switch to something else. I was always after the next big thing.  After a while, I knew that that was getting me nowhere.

I always wanted to help people so I decided to show others what I have learned in hopes that they won’t make the same mistakes I did. I am committed to helping you succeed by sharing with you the best money-making opportunities, tips, and strategies online today.

My Mission:

My mission is simple. I want to help others to become more successful. I want to help them with the best online business marketing strategies and money-making opportunities so they can become more successful faster.

I really hope you enjoy my meeksstorm website and find it very useful.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Judy Meeks